Lens & Eye Care

Every pair of contact lenses you purchase comes with it's own screw top contact lens case with mini tweezers and tool for inserting the lenses with ease. The case and tools have a simple design that makes it easy to pick up your contact lenses. The case keeps the lenses separate and screws tightly shut, so it will not leak.
To store your contact lenses correctly you will need to use contact lens solution and one clean contact lens case for each pair of lenses. Never store more than one pair of lenses in one case. We recommend changing your case every 90 days. After placing your lenses in the case, fill it with fresh contact lens solution and change the solution each time you wear them to help to prevent build up of dirt or deposits on the contact lens. Always put the lenses back in the correct side of the case to avoid contamination between eyes. 
The most crucial part of lens care is keeping your coloured contact lenses clean. Wearing dirty contact lenses can cause eye irritation and infection, however by following some basic hygiene principles you can keep your lenses clean and be sure to protect your eyes. Almost all the risks associated with contact lenses are caused by failure to keep the lenses clean and by making lens hygiene a priority you can eliminate these risks. 
You should use contact lens solution to clean your lenses. Lens solution is specially formulated for use with cosmetic contact lenses - never use water or anything other solution on your lenses. Please note that water can actually damage contact lenses. 
Please refer to the instructions below for the best method for cleaning contact lenses. You should use this method each time you remove a pair of contact lenses. You can also do this if you drop a contact lens or anytime you think that a lens looks gritty or dirty.


  • Place the lens in the palm of your hand
  • Pour contact lens solution on the lens
  • Use your finger to rub the lens with the solution, be very careful not to damage the lens. Please use your fingertip, and avoid using your nail
  • Place the lens in its designated section of the contact lens case. Fill the case with fresh contact lens solution
  • Close the case very tightly to avoid leaking
  • Keep the lens case in a cool place, away from very cold or very warm conditions. Do not leave them out in the sun. 


Never swim, shower or bathe while wearing contact lenses
Never share contact lenses with another person
Never sleep while wearing contact lenses
Never wear dirty, dry or damaged contact lenses
Always store lenses in a contact lens case full of fresh lens solution
Only wear lenses for up to 8 hours at a time and remove immediately after this time
Always clean lenses after each wear
Always be gentle when handling lenses because they are easily damaged
Never insert lens if it has been slit or broken
Always read the instructions before using contact lenses
Always wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses
Always remove lenses immediately if you experience eye irritation or redness
Seek medical attention if irritation does not cease after lenses have been removed


Check the contact lens life span. Each lens has a life span, which is listed on the packaging. Lumylens contact lenses can be kept for up to a year but we suggest renewing them every 6 months for hygiene reasons. You can wear the lenses as many times as you like within this period. Once this period has expired, you must throw the lenses away.


If you have any questions about how to wear, store and take care of your lenses, please contact us on hello@lumylens.com and we'd be happy to answer your questions.