• Bonfire - Lumy Lens
  • Bonfire - Lumy Lens



The Bonfire LumyLens will transform your eye colour into a beautiful and natural shade of warm honey and burnt orange. Using our brand new textured design and two tone blending system, these super natural lenses provide an incredibly realistic effect. 

Each pair of LumyLens contact lenses is non-prescription and can be worn for up to one year. We suggest renewing your lenses every six months for hygiene purposes. Please read our lens & eye care for more information on how to store and wear your contact lenses safely. Lens solution is not included. 

The model in the photos has medium/dark brown eyes. Each lens colour will vary depending on your original eye colour. 

Included in your order:

  • 2 x Lumylens Bonfire Contact Lenses
  • 1 x Contact Lens Case
  • 1 x Mini Tweezers
  • 1 x Lens Insertion Tool 

Power Range: 0.0
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Diameter: 14.40mm
Water Content: 36%
Using Cycle Period: 1 year (6 month renewal suggested)
Material: HEMA
Use by: 01.2021